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Kinvara Area Visual Arts is an inclusive group open to anyone interested in the area of visual arts, whether a practising artist or not.  It is not restrictive of your level of ability, experience, age, ethnicity, location etc - ALL are welcome to join.

Members are invited to participate in all member activities, exhibitions, and events.  Private workshops held in the Courthouse often offer discounted fees to KAVA members.  Members are also given priority when applying for exhibitions over non-members.  

Members are also invited to create a member profile on our site by uploading their information and images of their work.

Membership costs €25.00 per year.  You can choose an automatic renewal option so that your membership will always be up to date, or you can choose a once off membership if you would like to join for just one year and see how it goes.  We also offer a family membership option which is €40.00 for the year - with both automatic renewal option, or single year option available.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you may do so online, or in person (please email us at if you are interested in joining in person)  

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