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AGM 2022

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The 2022 AGM was held on Friday, the 11th of February.

Chairperson's Report:

The meeting began with a report from the outgoing Chairperson, Pam Fleming. She delved into the workings of KAVA over the past several years with particular attention to the last 2 since this was the first AGM since January 2020. She mentioned the growth that KAVA has seen and its expanding calendar of events and where she hopes KAVA will continue to grow into the future. Pam extended her gratitude to Patricia Kavanagh the outgoing secretary and thanked her for all her hard work over the past years.

Secretary's Report

Patricia gave a report about the events KAVA has seen in her time in office and spoke about things on the agenda for the future. She explained that she had enjoyed her time as secretary over the past years.

Treasurer's Report:

Marian Coady gave a run down of the group's expenses vs. income and where the money has been used to make improvements and run events.

PRO Report:

Terri Kelleher mentioned the website and the intended use as a tool for all members in hopes that members will choose to become more active online and use the website as an additional profile for their artwork.

Member's Representative:

Anne Korff discussed the mural projects that are being developed by the mural group and that this will be picking up in March with the view to tackle more mural-friendly walls around Kinvara with hope that some site-specific ideas will come from members.


The following Committee posts were filled by the following members:

Chairperson - Craig McLeod

Deputy Chairperson - Joe McCaul

Treasurer - Marian Coady

Deputy Treasurer - Rosaleen Tanham

Press Relations Officer (PRO) - Terri Kelleher

Deputy PRO - Darryl Vance

Building Officer - Erno Kuvaja

Members Representative - Anne Korff

Secretary - Remains Unfilled

Courthouse - Uma Scheurwater

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